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Insurance agents who use Insurance Sales Lab write more business, hire better, and manage their team effectively.
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How It Works

Training timeline
LEARN: One-Call Close Masterclass
  • First, everyone in your agency completes the 2-day One-Call Close Masterclass, which is an online training program that equips your team with a proven sales process, including a detailed sales script, that will help your team write more new business.

  • With step-by-step video lessons, downloadable scripts, and interactive assignments, your team will become more effective when selling insurance over the phone.

IMPLEMENT: 30-Day Implementation Plan
  • Next, your team will go through our interactive 30-day hands-on implementation plan that guides them in fully implementing what they learned in the One-Call Close Masterclass.

  • Just like professional athletes warm up before their game, your team will begin each day with a 10-minute warm up in which we emphasize one aspect of the sales process so that you can role-play it that morning and then apply it throughout the day.

DEVELOP MASTERY: Ongoing Training
  • We believe that Training is Not Something You’ve Done, It’s Something You Do.

  • That’s why every week on Wednesdays we host our Perfect Practice Coaching Call for our members to listen to a real sales call recording that a producer had with a prospect and offer constructive feedback.

    We find this to be an effective method for anyone to continue sharpening their skills, no matter how long they’ve been selling insurance.

What’s Included

One-Call Close Masterclass

Our flagship training program is organized to be something you can complete in just two full days. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know to start closing more sales consistently.

At the core of the Masterclass is our 6-Step Script to a One-Call Close, the most powerful insurance sales script. This detailed script gives your team members the phrases to use in numerous different situations to make them more structured and intentional in their sales conversations.

STEP 1 The Hook

You’ll learn EXACTLY what to say in the first 20 seconds of a phone call so the prospect agrees to getting a quote from you.

“The Hook” is perfect for anyone who wants to call any type of lead and quote as many people as possible.

Overcoming Opening Objections

You’ll learn how to overcome each one of these opening objections:

  • I’m too busy and don’t have time to talk.
  • I didn’t request a quote.
  • I just renewed my policy.
  • I’m not interested.
  • My spouse takes care of the bill.
  • And many more…

STEP 2 Building Value vs Selling on Price

You’ll learn how to get people to pay more to be insured with your agency instead of staying with their current carrier.

This step is effective for every sales scenario, especially when your price is higher than that of other insurance carriers.

STEP 3 Multi-Lining Policies

You’ll learn how to bundle Auto & Homeowners insurance and sell all them as bundle.

STEP 4 Cost Presentation

You’ll learn how to present the price in the most compelling manner possible. If you want to close sales in the first call, your team MUST memorize this step.

STEP 5 Asking For The Sale

Learn how to close the sale in the FIRST CALL by using the most effective closing script in the insurance industry.

Overcoming Closing Objections

You’ll learn how to overcome each one of these closing objections:

  • Your rate is too high.
  • Email me the quote so I can review it.
  • I want to think about it.
  • I need to talk it over with my spouse.
  • I want to shop this around.
  • And many more…

STEP 6 Sale Wrap Up & Onboarding Appointment

You’ll learn how to take your new clients and get multiple referrals from them.

If you want to grow your agency from referrals, your team needs to master this step.

Also included…

Hiring A-Players Blueprint

A series of video training and resources on how to attract, screen, and hire top performers for your insurance agency.

Insurance Marketing Toolkit

Training, marketing tools, and resources for you to generate your own insurance leads. Top agents use our marketing tools to consistently acquire new business.

Productivity Tool

The first of its kind in the insurance industry, our productivity tool helps you focus on the things that matter and provides visibility into your team’s activity throughout the day.

What Agents Say


“If you’re in insurance, you need this training!”


“My producer went from selling $15,000 to $45,000 in monthly premium.”


“This is the best training our agency has ever done.”


“I would pay $10,000 for these scripts.”


“We write $170k in P&C premium using this process.”

Jose & Tiffany

“Invest in your team, invest in your agency, get this training.”


“It’s such comprehensive sales training.”


“Everyone in my agency is more than doubling their sales.”


“We’ll write over 1 million because of this.”


“As a district manager, this is exactly what I was hoping to get!”


“All of my agents absolutely love this sales training.”


“Invest in your agency with Insurance Sales Lab.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve curated some questions asked by people like yourself…

Our membership is designed for P&C insurance agents who want to sell more auto, home, and life insurance as well as improve their marketing, especially through organic referrals. Whether you’re a new agent or have been in the business for a long time, have a small agency or a large one, live in a large city or a small town—this program will work for you. We have members from all across the United States from different insurance carriers having tremendous success with Insurance Sales Lab.

Insurance agents who go through the One-Call Close Masterclass expect one thing: MORE SALES.

This online training is full of actionable, strategic, and proven scripts from Vlad Cherchenko, who not only wrote over 150 policies per month as a single producer but has helped hundreds of agents increase their sales by implementing this sales and referral process in their agency.

Everything you’ll learn is time-tested, and the strategies are proven to increase your P&C sales, referrals, and retention in your book of business.

Agents tell us that Insurance Sales Lab is the most comprehensive and detailed training in the insurance industry.

With Insurance Sales Lab, you don’t have to wait weeks or months to experience an increase in your sales. You can expect to write more business immediately after you complete the 2-day One-Call Close Masterclass.

Additionally, we guide your team through our interactive 30-day hands-on implementation plan that helps them fully implementing what they’ve learned.

It’s meant for both. The training is delivered in a way where a brand new team member who has no experience in insurance sales will be able to understand and implement these sales strategies immediately—as well as the most experienced sales producer will walk away shaking their head thinking, “How did I get by without this program?”

Our interactive training is presented via online videos and includes downloadable PDFs for many topics.